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Sin Against Procreation

The first command that God gave to Adam and Eve as a married couple, was to be fruitful and multiply. (see Genesis 1:28)

He was looking for these two God fearing human beings to reproduce and give birth to God fearing children, that would in turn grow up, marry and give birth to God fearing children etc.

This is why the sin of homosexuality and sin of rejecting your God assigned gender is such an abomination. These two sins are rebellion against this first commandment "to be fruitful and multiply".

A same sex marriage cannot produce a human being. Only God can do that through a man and a woman. Dressing as a man when you are biologically a woman is a sin because the person is rejecting the gender that God assigned them. Again, this is high treason for the creation, mankind, to say to God the creator, "I think you made a mistake in assigning my sexual orientation".

You say, preacher, "its no different than any other sin, sin is sin".

No. Sin nature is sin nature. But individual sins carry different consequences and have greater punishments (see the entire Bible). Committing murder carries with it a different consequence than that of stealing a persons coat.

These sins that go directly against pro-creation are an abomination, just like the worship of false gods, witchcraft etc.

Ok, preacher, can't we just say "live and let live". Not really, the problem is, the LGBT agenda wants to teach our children that their choices (which are sinful) must be accepted. The LGBT movement wants to change all laws so that their sinful choice becomes acceptable in every aspect of life.

So, what do we do as Bible believing Christians?

1. Pray and make sure that you are walking in obedience to Gods' Word.

2. Teach your children the Bible. Don't wait for a Sunday School teacher to do this. Take responsibility for the discipleship of your family in the things of God.

3. Attend Church regularly and be supported and give support to the Body of Christ. All hands on deck. Don't let everything else keep from the house of God on Sunday.

4. Serve the Lord by speaking the truth in love within your circle of influence and upon the platform that God provides.

5. Vote for government leaders that have biblical convictions. (local, state and federal). I would not vote for a dog catcher if he was ok with abortion and same sex marriage!

6. Be watchful! Jesus is coming soon! Tell others about His saving grace. Our marching orders have not changed, so don't get too bogged down with all of these distractions from the enemy.

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