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Fellowship Groups

We offer Bible Study classes for all ages. Our Director is Bud Tarry & our Sunday School begins at 10AM.

Birth - 2 years

Erin Brown / Elizabeth Humphrey

2-3 years

Jackie Clemmons (teacher) / Sandra Vincent (sub)

4-5 years

Jackie Clemmons (teacher) / Sandra Vincent (sub)

Grades 1-3

Angela Crump (teacher) / _____ (sub)

Grades 4-6

Shelly Thomas (teacher) / Donnie Vance (sub)

Grades 7-9

Kenny Brown (teacher) / Jacquie Brown (sub)

Grades 10-12

Tony Clemmons (teacher) / _____ (sub)

College and Young Career

Tony Clemmons (teacher) / _____ (sub)

Young Families

Gary Botts (teacher) / Bud Tarry (sub)

Crossroads Women's Bible Study

Beverly Vance (teacher) / Charlotte Hawkins (sub)

Adult Bible Study

Jim Mutter (teacher) / Jerry Nash (sub)

Mary & Martha Adult Women

Tommy Pendleton (teacher) /Vivian Garrett (sub)

Senior Adult Men


Substitute Teachers

Bud Tarry, Donnie Vance

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