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Everyone Has Faith

Everyone has faith, but not everyone has saving faith.  All human transactions are based on faith.  We cannot go through a single day without exercising faith.


Every time we mail a letter we exercise faith in the post office.

Every time we deposit money in the bank, we exercise faith in that institution.

Every time we take medicine we exercise faith in our Doctor and our Pharmacist.

Every time we walk into a building or cross a bridge, we exercise faith in the architect, the engineer and the builder...

We exercise such faith instinctively and automatically.  We rarely even think about it.  Only when the object of our faith proves to be unreliable do we realize that we might need to proceed with caution.

Ordinary, everyday faith, becomes saving faith when a person places their faith and trust on the reliable Son of God, Jesus Christ. Sure, the Holy Spirit is at work bringing the person under conviction of their sin, but also speaking to the persons heart concerning the reliability of the testimony of Jesus Christ as our only and one time sacrifice for our sins.

  People exercise their faith everyday, but let me ask you....have you ever placed your faith in Jesus Christ?  Instead of the postal service, the bank or the Doctor, have you ever made Jesus the "object" of your faith?  While we believe on these other institutions and people to help us in our every day life.....Jesus, the Son of God wants to save you from the penalty of your sin and give you eternal life. The requirement is faith.....believing that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead to forgive you of your sins and give you eternal life.  Why not make Jesus the object of your faith on Him for salvation.  He is reliable

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