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Giving Thanks

Giving thanks to God is part of the Christian life.  It is a believer's response to the grace and mercy of God.


The founding fathers of our country took time to thank God for His abundanct harvest, His provision for safety and their new-found religious freedoms that they were enjoying.  As we experience the holiday of Thanksgiving once a year, I imagine the early pilgrims came together and thanked God often.  As followers of Christ, we should continually come together and worship God with hearts filled with thanksgiving.

Of all the things that we could be thankful for...Jesus has to top the list.  You know God has blessed all of mankind and all of the earth, but His blessing of sending Jesus to be our sacrifice on the cross is the ultimate blessing and evidence of His love for us.  With that said, if a person knows Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior then giving thanks should come easy.

During this Thanksgiving season, when we gather around the table and thank God for our family, our health, the weather etc..... we need to really get to the heart of thanksgiving and thank God for Jesus.

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