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When The Government Sides With Sin

Looking back over the last few chapters of Judges you find an atrocity that took place in a city called Gibeah of Benjamin. You find a man threatened by a group of sexually immoral men. They wanted to take a Levite that had befriended this man and have their way with him.(see Judges chapter 19). Instead they take the man's concubine and rape her all night long and bring her back to the door of the home where she if found dead the next morning.

The man who owned the concubine, grieved in his heart, then cut her up into pieces, placed each piece on a donkey and sent a piece of her body to each of the tribes of Israel with a note attached.

When the tribes heard this news, they approach the tribe of Benjamin with this accusation, but the tribe of Benjamin decided not to enforce the law, in fact, the tribe of Benjamin rose up against the other eleven tribes. Benjamin was utterly defeated due to God siding with justice.

What does this have to do with us today?

Concerning Judges chapters 19-21, J.Vernon McGee made this statement decades ago. "Following religious apostasy, then moral awfulness, the next step downward in the life of Israel (and of every nation) is political anarchy."

Anarchy is defined by Webster as : lawlessness, lack of government in a country, confusion.

Tell me, are we not wearing these shoes today in the U.S. ?

We have laws being passed that protect the perverted.

We have laws being passed that protect the criminal instead of the innocent in society.

All in the name of political correctness, all in the name of being afraid of lawsuits. (our legal system is partially responsible for this climate we live in ‪#‎ambulancechasers‬).

Read Romans 13, Government was invented by God to protect civilians from unbridled sin within the culture. It is used as a restraint to protect the weak and defenseless.

When a government turns a blind eye toward lawlessness and protects the criminal more than the innocent....then governments role of restraining sin in the culture is gone. People still individually have to choose not to rape, murder, molest, steal and so on, but government is designed to help protect innocent people from the wicked people.

I guess if you are a wicked person, bent on sinning against God and are living in a pretty good day. You have very little consequence for your sins within some countries......however, your sin will find you out (Numbers 32:23). God knows.

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